Government, is there nothing it can't do? Apparently not, according to your answers. So be it. Now all you need is a glorious leader who will make the government provide all the services you desire, without sending half the GDP to a Swiss bank account or putting millions of people in prison camps -- unless you like those sorts of things.

OK, in all fairness you might not be a true totalitarian. This quiz is not all that accurate this far south on the Nolan Chart. There are no options like "nationalize the means of production" or "kill all Jews" or similar totalitarian favorites. You might be merely an authoritarian.

Resources for Totalitarians

The most important ingredient for a successful totalitarian government is the right Leader. Allow me to offer my services as emperor. I have a better grasp of economics and history than the typical tyrant, and I have taste. Modern artists who spash paint and elephant dung onto canvases will be shipped to Branson Missouri for reeducation. Classical "music" which sounds like tuning drills will no longer pollute our symphony halls. All copies of "Independence Day" will be confiscated and destroyed as an insult to human intelligence. Bwahahahahaha!

Oh, you want to be leader. Then you might want to read Edward Luttwak's Coup d'Etat, a Practical Handbook, the book that puts you in control.

Or if you are a democratic totalitarian (or authoritarian), you need to read up on Range Voting. Plurality voting is too easy to game. It may suffice for limited government, where we have the Bill of Rights and separation of powers, but when government is to be unlimited, you need something better to determine the Will of the People.

Either way, you need to study up on Public Choice Economics -- unless you want your regime riddled by corruption. May I suggest David Friedman's The Machinery of Freedom as a good start. Obviously, you will not accept Friedman's recommendations -- Friedman is an anarchist -- but it does profit you to meditate on his criticism of your positions to come up with some workarounds.

And finally, there is the travel option:

Expedia Fortunately for you, the world has many authoritarian and totalitarian countries to choose from. Get out and travel! See your ideals in action. One of two good things could happen: either you will find a better home for yourself, or you will upgrade your political philosophy to match what you really want.