Under New Management

Tools for World Liberation has been sold as of January 2005. We are in the process of making the transition. There will be a new address for orders as well as possible changes in policy regarding custom orders, etc. Please stay tuned.

Build the Libertarian Brand

"Don't Blame Me, I Voted Democrat...er, I mean Libertarian." "Enough is Enough, Vote Reform...Oops! I mean Libertarian." I guess you could say I am not satisfied with the bumper stickers available from LP Headquarters. Those slogans may be catchy, but they say nothing about what the Libertarian Party stands for. This is supposed to change (according to the Strategic Plan), but I got impatient. So you can get bumper stickers here at a reasonable price that gives the public some idea of what the Libertarian Party is about.

Run a Better Campaign

You are running for office and you cannot afford a television blitz, what can you do? One possibility is to make better use of yard signs. Instead of just putting a name and office on a sign, do multiple print runs, one with your name and several with different slogans.

Oops! Each print run has an overhead cost. This can get expensive. Well, that is the original reason I got into this business -- to facilitate sharing print runs with the issue slogan.

The picture you see here is from the Economy of Scale Project I instigated in Virginia for the 1999 election. We shared print runs of three slogans for four candidates. The results were well worth the effort, so I went to my first national convention to try to sell the idea nationwide. Ended up on the SPT, but still...

If you are interested, go the the signs section and answer the poll, or send me an email.

Have Some Fun!

All philosophy and no fun makes for a dull political activist. Get attention from the politically inactive with some outreach materials that generate a laugh. We cannot win just reaching those who read voter's guides or watch C-SPAN.

You are walking down the street, and you don't know who is interested in talking about freedom. Put on one our T-shirts and the politically interested will come to you.

Come to think of it, even the politically uninterested will open a conversation with you wearing one of our eye-grabbing shirts! It's time to get those young adults out to the polling places, voting for their right to party.

We also have thought-provoking bumper stickers to start conversations in the parking lot.

And also check out our royalty free line of laugh-inducing radio spots -- perfect for campus radio stations.

Change Minds

Having difficulty convincing some people that an entire political program can be derived from one axiom?

Are your friends putting off reading that thousand page philosophy tome proving that it can be done?

How about selling our program a bit at a time, one hard-hitting brochure per issue?

Order a few of my public school brochures along with your T-shirts and/or bumper stickers. Try them out on friends and family. Then, buy a bunch for your outreach booths and/or lit drops.