States across the land are passing medical marijuana provisions, and many in the mainstream media are calling for outright legalization. Opinions on the harder drugs (cocaine, opiates) are significantly different. So for version 7 of the Quiz, I think it’s time to split the drug question.

(Well, actually, medical cocaine and opiates are legal today, and have been all along. But they have been strictly controlled. California’s medical marijuana program is something of a free-for-all, a near legalization.)


Marijuana is in many ways as soft or softer a drug than currently legal drugs. It is far less addictive than tobacco, and induces far less belligerent behavior than alcohol. Making marijuana illegal is Prohibition all over again, an enormous subsidy for gangs and organized crime. Then again, marijuana does have health hazards, and long term use can cause paranoia and resistance to”working for The Man.” Can we field an army with marijuana legal?

Should marijuana be legalized?

  • No. Keep current laws on the books.
  • No, and crack down on states which de facto legalize marijuana through lax “medical marijuana” laws.
  • No, and expand enforcement. Throw the book at rich white users the same as we do with poor blacks.
  • Partially. Legalize medical marijuana, but with a stricter definition of medical than California uses.
  • Partially. Use California’s medical marijuana laws as a national model.
  • Decriminalize only. Make marijuana possession and dealing a fineable offense, with fines in proportion to amount found.
  • Yes. Legalize marijuana outright, but tax and regulate it like we do hard liquor.
  • Yes. Legalize mariuana and don’t regulate/tax.

What options have I missed? Is my prelude too biased?


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