General Election 2020: A Voting System Experiment

Are you happy having to choose between Donald Trump and Joe Biden? What do you do if you want a polite conservative? A peaceful liberal? A realistic libertarian? A creative moderate?

Answer: you can safely show you preferences here, where we demonstrate multiple voting systems, including systems which actually work when there are more than two "real" candidates on the ballot.

In the following poll, I have added to the party nominees a mix of other promising candidates: candidates who did will in the primaries but didn't win (like Bernie), creative liberals (like Andrew Yang), mainline Republicans (like Jeb!), realistic libertarians (like Justin Amash), and candidates that Unity 2020 wants to draft (like Tulsi Gabbard).

There are four ballots for you to fill out: Plurality, Approval, Range, and Ranked Choice. Note the complexity of each and how well you are able to express your choices.

To vote, select your citizenship status and click the BEGIN button:

See the Results so Far

Have you already voted a while back and want to see how things are going now? Have a look:

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