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The page below is an old version of my Business Plan for a New Political Party. Due to popular demand, I have updated the Plan considerably and put it into Kindle Format. You can buy it here.

Yes, it costs a bit of money. But the return on investment is enormous if you are serious about starting a political party.

Are you serious?


OK, so I did end up giving more suggestions than I originally intended. And there are more to come in Parts 4 and 5.

But do keep in mind that this framework is useful for inspiring and evaluating other people’s strategies as well. Where a strategy is controversial or expensive, this framework can be used to measure both the need for such a strategy and for measuring the benefit of a strategy.

This framework can also be used to help find a complete set of cheap “low-hanging fruit” strategies. There is great power in exploiting the low-hanging fruit opportunities for all four of the bottlenecks. (This is the key to launching a new party from scratch.) Once the low-hanging fruit is consumed, this framework can help determine where it is most productive to reach for higher fruit.

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Strategic Framework for Third Political Parties
Bottlenecks to Membership
Nonlinearity and the Bifurcation Fantasy
Awareness, a Closer Look
Best Message, a Closer Look
Credibility, a Closer Look
Dedication, the Fourth Bottleneck
Bottleneck Analysis Applied to Candidates
Can Viral Marketing Work?
Why Third Political Parties Fail
The Constraints Third Parties must Obey to Succeed
Lessons Learned in the Libertarian Party
Starting a New Political Party from Scratch