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The page below is an old version of my Business Plan for a New Political Party. Due to popular demand, I have updated the Plan considerably and put it into Kindle Format. You can buy it here.

Yes, it costs a bit of money. But the return on investment is enormous if you are serious about starting a political party.

Are you serious?

Part 3: Strategic Framework

OK, so you have a third party. It is set up and running, but struggling. Membership growth is stagnant, and there are few partisan victories to show for your efforts. What do you do? Do you recruit more candidates? Pull stunts to get more press coverage? Sue for easier ballot access? Work on your database? Go on a massive membership recruitment campaign?

In this part I will propose a framework for intelligently answering these questions. I will focus on the framework, vs. the particular answers, because the actual answers will depend on circumstances. With the following framework in mind, it is possible to actually measure what should be done.

That said, I will cheat and make a few suggestions to the existing parties, and criticize the advocates of some strategies that I consider inefficient, ineffective, and/or expensive. I will especially take to task those who consider the Libertarian Party’s problems to be primarily lack of money and publicity. With proper strategy it may be possible to grow primarily through viral marketing, achieving explosive growth with a relatively small advertising budget. Only after such growth is achieved is it then necessary and possible to go after the marginal vote using expensive advertising and publicity.

After I present the basic strategic framework, I will take a close look at the possibility of viral marketing using the insights of this framework and those presented by Malcolm Gladwell in his book, The Tipping Point.

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Strategic Framework for Third Political Parties
Bottlenecks to Membership
Nonlinearity and the Bifurcation Fantasy
Awareness, a Closer Look
Best Message, a Closer Look
Credibility, a Closer Look
Dedication, the Fourth Bottleneck
Bottleneck Analysis Applied to Candidates
Can Viral Marketing Work?
Why Third Political Parties Fail
The Constraints Third Parties must Obey to Succeed
Lessons Learned in the Libertarian Party
Starting a New Political Party from Scratch