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You like your government very, very small—or none at all. You are a real libertarian. Want to run for Congress? State legislature? You might want to join the Libertarian Party and they'll put you on the ballot. Put in some effort and you could be state chair in a couple of years. Whether this effort is worthwhile is debatable. Back when I was a party member I wrote these Essays on World Liberation in the hope of turning the LP into a real political party.

Fun Reads for Radical Libertarians


Imagine smaller government -- or none at all. It can be fun, or a downright wild ride (in the case of Snow Crash). For this reason I have compiled a list of libertarian utopias for your reading pleasure. I also have a different page with dystopias, including some libertarian dystopias to keep you honest. Expectation management is important, you know.

You might also enjoy some of the social liberal utopias as well. Buy and give to your liberal friends to make them think libertarianish thoughts...

Political Campaigns, Parties and Related Organizations

Our America Initiative

Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson wants to broaden the political debate in America to include an oft-neglected value: Liberty.

Campaign for Liberty

Free State Project

Your views are frankly outside the mainstream. If you don't have the patience to wait until the mainstream adopts your views, you could move to a small state where other radical libertarians are congregating: New Hampshire. The Free State Project has not achieved its original goal of getting 20,000 libertarians to commit to moving, but many libertarians have moved anyway.

Libertarian Sites

Cato Institute Individual Liberty, Limited Government, Free Markets, and Peace. Good research site.

Lew Rockwell

Political Strategy

The Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute. Provides quality training in "political technology" for conservatives and libertarians.

Essays on World Liberation. Once upon a time, I was a hardcore activist in the Libertarian Party, going so far to sit on the National Committee and be on the Strategic Planning Team (SPT). These essays are an outgrowth of said experiences and my experiments in the field. Since then, I have concluded that the Libertarian Party is not the optimical vehicle for liberty; it is too radical to win many elections. Furthermore, I have mellowed over time and have become more sensitive to issues other than liberty and the size of government. So I am no longer an LP member, but if you are (or become one) some of these essays may prove useful.

The Good Government Reading List

Regardless of your core political values, this list of books on law, economics, politics, and social problems should add useful items to your mental toolset.

Click on an image to go to the Amazon order page. Note that the latest versions of these works may differ in cover from the images, as many of the images are pics of my personal copies.

This is a short list. I have more recommendations on economics, law and political philosophy, and mass domination for those who are interested. (The linked pages include reviews of my recommended readings.)

Beyond Smaller Government

Some reading on the intersection of liberty and other values. Could prove useful for persuading statists to be closer to your beliefs.

Holistic Politics

Freedom, equality, morality, nature,...these are all good things. All to often, political debate rages over which is more important. Synergies get overlooked. There is a better way, holistic politics. By looking at multiple values at the same time, it is possible to come up with creative solutions for the world's problems, solutions that make all the factions more happy.